Past Offerings

Since 2015, PATHWAYS has been offering programs of spiritual nurture. A list of recent offerings can be found below.

THE HEARTBEAT OF PEACE (Drumming Workshop)
October 2022

Led by Deacon Jennifer Fox and certified yoga instructor Jeff Leaich, this free workshop offered a time of worship, interactive drumming instruction, and meditative practice. 

  • opening worship focused on the rhythm of the heart
  • participatory African drum circle
  • meditative chair yoga centered on breathing and inner peace
  • closing worship with readings, hymns, and drumming
Harvest Labyrinth Walk
September 2022

We marked the new season's arrival by giving thanks for the harvest and savoring the changing colors of the landscape.  A time of gratitude for God's abundance in our lives.

Following our prayer time, we enjoyed fellowship and refreshments of apple cider and donuts.

Art and Spirituality Workshop
July 2022

Using paint from elements of the earth and utilizing peace, centering, and listening through the creative process, participants learned about painting as a spiritual discipline, created their own paint and custom piece of art while nourishing their mind and body.

Facilitated by Kari Lindholm-Johnson, artist, ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church, and spiritual director.

A Vigil of Pentecost
June 2022

The Word on Fire

A celebration of the Holy Spirit and rekindling of the fire in each of us.  A service of song, prayer and reflection.

Book Study: Reclaiming Purpose and Passion
May/June 2022

A multi-week book study, led by Pastor Twila Schock, of Dr. Dawna Markova's book, I Will Not Die an Unlived Life.

Poetic and inspiring, this book is a collection of insightful stories and questions that guide the search to find personal balance, reclaim passion and purpose in life, and focus attention and awareness on the present moment.

Keeping Faith in Difficult Times (testimony)
April 2022

Testimony, Discussion and Luncheon

PATHWAYS welcomed the Rev. Dr. April Ulring Larson, ELCA Bishop Emeritus of the La Crosse Area Synod, to speak about her faith in a loving God during difficult times. Bishop April lost her son, Ben, in the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Included in our time together was discussion of the book, A Witness: The Haiti Earthquake, a Song, Death, and Resurrection, which her daughter-in-law, Renee Splichal Larson, wrote about love, grief, survival, and new life.

Strengthening Communication through the Enneagram
March 2022

With communication as a major component of a healthy relationship, time spent on understanding effective and compassionate communication is a worthwhile investment for both home and work. The enneagram helps us learn about ourselves and appreciate how we experience the world differently than others. This includes our communication styles.

Using the lens of the enneagram, presenter Marci Madary guided us as we took an honest look at how we communicate with those in our lives without judgment or blame. Strengthening Communication through the Enneagram will have long-lasting benefits for co-workers, family, friends, and most importantly, ourselves.

Marci Madary is a nationally certified Enneagram teacher through the Palmer/Daniels school in the narrative tradition. For more about Marci and her training, visit

Joining Hands: A New Path Forward
February 2022

As we manage change while moving ahead, we are called to mature and less anxious relationships that handle differences, allow thoughtful listening, and help us to deal with difficult topics and decisions.  In our congregations as within all our lives, the way we treat one another is the significant factor in witness and service.  An event to help us strengthen relationships.

Led by Deacon MaryAnn Schwabe, ELCA Executive for Synod Relations and the ELCA Systems Academy Coordinator at the churchwide office in Chicago.

Spiritual Guidance and Direction
November 2021

A discussion with four spiritual directors on the ancient practice of spiritual guidance, panning for gold and its vitality to personal growth.

Seeking the Holy in Unsettling Times
October 2021

Has COVID left you spiritually dry?
Are you (or someone you know) spiritual, but not religious?
Have you found that your old daily spiritual discipline no longer speaks to you?  

"Seeking the Holy in Unsettling Times" featured four noted spiritual leaders who walked through the four spiritual paths  (the mind, the heart, the mystic, and the activist) and offered practical guidance on how to maintain or refresh daily spiritual discipline.