We are a non-profit organization offering opportunities to support pilgrims navigating their journey. We live out our mission by offering a daily on-line devotional, WAYPOSTS, which offers markers, guides, and other signposts for the spiritual journey.  Our retreats, seminars, and spiritual direction for all ages open doors to any who wish to enhance their lives through the pursuit of wisdom, wholeness, and beauty.


Spiritual deepening toward wholeness.

At PATHWAYS, we believe life is a continuous journey.  We wander life's paths in our quest to encounter the Holy. 

PATHWAYS, committed to Christ’s call, encourages seekers of all faiths and all walks of life to deepen their relationship with humanity, creation, and the Divine.


LOVING... We cultivate kinship without judgement.

LISTENING... We seek clear, compassionate, courageous communication.

HONORING... We recognize diversity and the contribution of all.

SEEKING... We journey jointly to become more Christ-like: loving, compassionate, and just.


The seed for the PATHWAYS Center for Spiritual Renewal was first planted in September of 2012 when the Council of Christ Lutheran Church recognized a growing desire for adult spiritual formation among its members.  The Spiritual Life Team was constituted as a standing ministry committee under the leadership of retired Pastor Troy Hedrick.

The Spiritual Life Team soon realized that a growing desire for spiritual formation existed beyond the walls of the congregation.  Three years later, “Wherever You Are:  A Spiritual Event” was the first event opened to the general public.  Attendance spanned many denominations and represented a large geographic region.

Recognizing this growing hunger for spiritual resources, the 2020 Vision Team of Christ Lutheran Church officially proposed that a regional center for spiritual renewal be launched as a part of the congregation’s ministry strategy.

The PATHWAYS Center for Spiritual Renewal was officially launched in October 2021.  Its mission was to provide a place where all would be welcome and where people of different faith traditions could gather for spiritual conversation, prayer, and reflection.

In 2021, an external theological advisory team was appointed to guide and promote the ministry and direction of the center.